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The best of French wines

Official importer of French Wines
 in Switzerland


William Babakhian - French wine passionate living in Perroy - I am working closely with 20 wine-growers and a renowned Chef Sommelier in France to offer a unique selection of French wines in Switzerland.

William Babakhian - Originally from la Vallée du Rhone in France, I picked up my interest in wines about 10 years ago. While visiting several times many emblematic wine regions, experiencing wine tastings, discussing with professionals and doing formations and research, I developed a certain enthusiasm and passion for French wines.

I have been living in Switzerland for more than 9 years and quickly realised that the choice of French wines is very limited and highly overpriced for the quality provided. French wines are not always fancy and expensive and I am offering you a unique selection for all budgets. The list has been built together with a French Chef Sommelier and 20 wine-growers.

A large part of my assortment is Nature-wines and Biodynamic wines in full respect of the soil, grapes and wine-making-process.

Feel free to take a look, ask me for tips or recommendations and try some 🍷.  Santé !